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When resetting passwords and sending via email have a field where one can enter a description

I am resetting our elementary passwords and I am doing it by school so that the tickets match the school. I would be nice to have in the email a description so that I know what group that particular group of password tickets belong to - I use grad year as one of my attributes in the email What I have to do now is take the first name in the batch go to the admin console and search to find out what OU (school) they belong to

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  • Aug 4 2017
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    Andrew Stillman commented
    August 05, 2017 13:18

    Thanks for the suggestion.  Where do you think we should include this in the current workflow?  Should it be something you define in the sheet (in its own column) or should it be something you control in the preview panel?  Or somewhere else?  Trying to understand how to make this fit nicely.

  • Guest commented
    August 05, 2017 13:55

    I think it should be a message box that you have in the preview window just
    before you run the batch, similar to what Google has when you share a doc -
    Add a message

    [image: Inline image 1]

    User gopher has changed my workflow. What I am doing now is Uploading all
    students from the SIS and then pulling down to UG. Then I select only
    students that were newley added, reset their password so I can then send
    the report to my High School. It works great.

    Most of our schools start GSFE in 4th but a few in 3rd. I have uploaded
    those students a long time ago. Whatever grade is new it is just easier to
    reset the password and do a new UG email. Keeps everything together by
    school and grade.

    Here are the 3 places I would have used this so far

    When doing 1st timer resets, I do them by school and grade. I would have
    liked to put in the text box - Hillsboro 3rd Grade

    When Sending to High school another person that deals with this - These are
    your new students since 8/2/2017

    Of If I was sending to our middle school - Here is your 6th Grade etc.

    I hope that makes sense and thanks for replying.