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Default settings in side bar

I use Gohper for Users quite often because of our constant influx of students.  I wish my preferred options that I choose when doing my tasks would stay that way.  I would like them to either stay as I last used it, or a place that I could set the defaults.  For instance, I'm always pasting my info into the sheet I'm uploading from.  I never use the CSV upload, but it defaults to that, so I have to change it every time.  Same goes for the password option as I paste it into the sheet, but have to change it from using a rule. 

It would be nice....

Thank you for reading my suggestion =o)

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  • Sep 17 2018
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    Andrew Stillman commented
    05 Feb 20:23

    Hi Carol - thanks for the great suggestion.  I'm promoting this to a feature request with our devs.  Cheers!