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Add ability to designate primary/notprimary phone numbers

Google stores phone numbers in an array (phone.0, phone.1 etc) with a type (work, mobile, home, etc) and value (actual phone number) for each array member. I have a gam process that automates building user email signatures based on values from their user profile. In order to build an accurate signature, I need to have their work number stored in phone.0, or their primary phone number. Gopher for users does not always store the work phone in phone.0, which i have to correct by deleting their phone numbers manually, and adding them to their profile using the gam update user command, which lets me specify whether a number is primary or notprimary. I realize this may be a long shot, as even the admin console doesn't have this functionality, but it never hurts to ask!


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  • Sep 3 2020
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