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Add more customization features to password email

Please add your customization ideas as comments.

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  • Feb 22 2017
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  • Melissa Benson commented
    June 29, 2017 18:22

    Instead of the cutouts being inline within an email can we get them as a PDF or Google Doc? This way it's easier to: 1.) forward onto a teacher [I'm imagining a media director getting the sheets perhaps and they want to be in charge of handing them out 2.) instead of printing the entire email and wasting ink and paper space on non cutout items you have a full PDF or Google Doc page to print out.


    Perhaps the trouble it causes to do this don't benefit enough but ideally wouldn't we want a full page print out for the cutouts, yes? Hope I'm not missing something here.

  • Gary Warner commented
    April 23, 2018 12:57

    I would like to just customize the emails that do get sent out. I have had a few new staff. And when this email goes out, it does not have my school on it except the email part I have been questioned by a few. Which is great that they are looking and not just clicking on anything in email.